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Photos help write our history. They are the stitches in the tapestry of our lives. The soft magnificence of a baby’s smile, a dazzling dew drop on a flower’s petal, a red, robust sunset melting onto the horizon, seeing the heartbeat of a couple’s love, linking to our past through the eyes of our grandparents. Photographs don’t just reflect emotions – they awaken them. Photography that creates a ripple evoking memory, feeling, and connection. Transporting you to the past in the present, inspiring the future.

I received my first camera from my sister when I was eight years old. My first photo was of my baby brother and I became my family’s official unofficial photographer. Photography became my passion – and since the first time I heard the shutter click, I’ve taken thousands of photos. Snapshots of family and friends led to taking photos at work and charitable events. Recent trips studying with Monte Nagler, taking hands-on, week-long workshops focusing on nature and landscapes, connected the dots, completing the big picture.

Photography is my escape from the daily grind to being present in the moment.

Dont' let the moment fade away!